Packing & Storage Tips

Packing Tips

  • Where possible, dissemble large items - keeping any screws etc. in labelled bags.
  • Use proper storage boxes that won't collapse.
  • Wrap china and glassware piece by piece.
  • Put the heaviest items at the bottom and pad out the corners and empty spaces.
  • Fasten your load so that your packed possessions don,t topple or slide around.
  • Put your personal items such as your handbags, wallets and keys in a single bag in the front of your vehicle

How to use your self storage space effectively

  • Make sure you value your goods correctly to ensure you have adequate insurance cover.
  • Decide if you want to have access to any of your goods. If so, put these aside and store them last. If you have a number of goods that you will need regular access to, then InnerSpaces have racking units that you can hire.
  • Not all units are suitable for 24 or extended hour access. If you require this service we can happily supply you with the right unit.
  • Unload your goods in the loading bay, and use the available trolleys to transport your goods to our unit. Do not overload the trolley, and stack safely.

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